Results shoot 12-1-19

Hi guys, our first shoot for 2019! Happy New Year everyone!

A great roll out in very nice but a little windy conditions.

Peter’s absence was noted…..

Thanks Ron for the scoring today!


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Fun shoot and windup

Hi guys, this years fun shoot and windup including trophies will be held on Saturday the 8th of December starting a bit sooner at 11:30am.

Trophies should be between 4-4:30pm.

A catered meal supplied by the club will follow.

The fun shoot will consist of 50 rounds at a range of random targets.

Please come along and enjoy our event.


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Results shoot 24-11-18

27 years ago today the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, passed away and today we shot the second scoring shoot for the 2019 season.

Fuelled by some rather tasty slice, vanilla slice and Mrs. Rons fruit cake we had a bit of a shot.

Cold one moment, hot the next. It is Albany! As I type this it is raining hard out! Summer??

And as Freddie sang

“Gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam. Guaranteed to blow your mind. Anytime”

Thanks Ron for the scores!


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Results shoot 10/11/18

Two days shooting this weekend if you made both days that is!

So this was our first shoot of the 2019 season. Numbers down a little but great to see you all there!

Thanks to our stand in scorer Pete, who did a might fine job, and Ron for making the score sheets.


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Police checks

You may have seen social media and news reports of the police checking safes and general storage.

They are now checking Albany so make sure all is good at your place.

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Next shoot

Hello everyone. Our next shoot is Saturday the 10th of November. The start of our 2019 season. Revolver will be in the morning.

Other dates.

Sunday the 11th, no doubt classic.

Saturday the 24th November.



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Results shoot 27-10-18

Hi guys, our last scoring shoot for the 2018 season. A smaller turn out but shooting just as strong.

Welcome to our three new members! I enjoyed having you shoot with us.

And our visitor from Perth/Singapore had a fantastic time. It was great to see him made welcome by many of you.

Also we held our AGM. Here is the new committee.

Captain, Joel Evans.

Vice Captain, David Sobik

Secretary, Stacey Evans,

Treasurer, Pete Tulloch

Scorer, Ron Cauldwell

I have enjoyed being your Captain for I think 5 years, 3 State Titles and a Nationals under my belt. Joel will make a fine Captain. He is keen and will do a great job.  If he wanders Stacey will set him straight!

Good stuff Joel, take no prisoners and keep up your great work behind the scenes.

So here are the scores thanks to our many year veteran of being the scorer, Ron!



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