Wind up and fun shoot.

Hi guys well the 2017 season has drawn to a close and this Saturday the 9th of December is our annual fun shoot and wind up.

Fun shoot will start around 12:30 with the trophies being presented at 5:30 followed by a supplied bbq dinner.

Come on out and enjoy the day.

Plenty of camping spots if you plan to drink.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the busy bee on Sunday. I believe it went very well.

See you on Saturday.


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Busy Bee


There will be a busy bee this Sunday the 3rd of December, 9am start. A tidy up for the windup, and other jobs as you see fit.

Bring out cleaning things, brooms, shovels maybe a chain saw for some pruning.

I am away working all weekend but a little bird told me that morning tea may be supplied?

Thanks everyone for your work throughout the year.



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Fun shoot and windup 9th December

Hi guys the club windup and fun shoot will be held on December the 9th at the club.

The club will provide a BBQ meal, BYO drinks. No alcohol to be consumed until all firearms are locked away.

A fun shoot as per this program. Thanks Pete!

Hi All,
Here are the details of this years fun shoot (Dec 9th).

50 round shoot starting at 12.30 pm.

Use any and as many guns as you like, the more the merrier.

The winners will be the team (randomly chosen pairs) with the score closest to a predetermined number.

Course of fire will be :

100 metre precision : AFP, 2 x 5 rounds, 8 minutes. (Scored backwards, 1 = 10, 2 = 9 etc, a miss to be scored as “— 10”)

75 metre precision : standing unsupported, 2 x 5 rounds, 8 minutes.

50 metre Timed fire : standing post rest, shot as a team (pair), 2 x 5 rounds, 3.5 seconds. 1st score of the pair minus the 2nd score (Target TBA)

25 metre Rapid fire : AFP, 2 x 5 rounds, 15 seconds (Target TBA)

50 metre Running “boar” : AFP, pairs shoot together ( 2 shooters at once ). Could be any target at any speed (you won’t know until it comes out), 2 x 5 rounds.


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Results shoot 25-11-17

Repost for some reason there was a glitch! Thanks Ron for the heads up and the scores!
Some unreal scores today. Steve I do believe has shot the highest score ever. Great to see Gilly in second!


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Shoot this weekend!

Hi guys. There is a shoot this weekend! That is Saturday the 25th of November

I can not attend so please be kind to VC Joel.

I was trying to organise a committee meeting as well but don’t think it’s going ahead?

There are a few things to talk about perhaps a few hands can go up before the shoot.

Anyway enjoy the afternoon!



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Results shoot 11-11-17

This was our first shoot for the 2018 season. Also our first shoot on all of the new concrete! How good is it!

Numbers down a bit as often happens at the end of the year.

Thanks Ron and his scorers for getting this done!


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Hello Team, the AGM for the Branch is Monday night the 30th of October, 7:30pm at the RSL rooms, lower floor of the Stirling Club.

It is vital that people attend this AGM as the last one was not attended well and as a result no meeting was held.

If there is another no go the Branch will fold and there will be not shooting allowed.

So get on to the AGM!!



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