Nationals days 3

Well its all over! Some outstanding shooting by a varied amount of people today. My apologies I don’t have the results list with, and it’s the next day and I am working from memory! As soon as I have it I shall post it.

Classic was won by Steve Hurley with a score of 300.?. Well done Steve!

3 Gun was also taken out by Steve Hurley for I think 5th year in a row. Great shooting Steve well deserved. Don Chesworth was second.

Albany shooters did very well indeed. Monica picked up a bronze in centre fire, Syd bronze in AA center fire, Mick pick up a medal, so did Lyndsy and Richard.

Sue Knapp was in top 3 for ladies for several events.

I won both rim fire and centre fire rapid events, 3rd in 2 gun, 4th in 3 gun as well as silver for rimfire open and AAA grade. 7 individual in total. Sorry to boast but they are sitting on the table and easy to count!

And the WA team smashed it! Well done team members of Bill Mutch, Murray Wills, Steve Hurley and me.

So a mighty effort by our little club guys. Monica and Syd shot their very first National events and they did very well and had a great time, despite frozen tents on morning one.

It was great to catch up with friends in the Lever Action family and see guys like the Moy’s drive from QLD, Don and the two Jim as well as all the other Eastern Staters who made the trek over to the West.

I had a blast, laughed a lot and shot rifle’s. What else would you be doing?

Oh and don’t spray sight black on your skin guys, read the label first.

And don’t get stung under the nose by a bee (me) cause next day things don’t look so pretty. Well off to the Chemist!

Cheers guys.


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2 Responses to Nationals days 3

  1. ankles says:

    good thing it was not a 218 bee dave?

  2. Although it stung more like a .17 Ackley Hornet!

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