Results shoot 11-3-17

Another great shoot, with every ones fav target, the running goat!

Great to see Kelly shoot his National Silver medal.

And you may have noticed Steve shot a possible score in the State Precision, well done Steve, that is some very good shooting. You have been close before, but got it now.

Thanks Ron for these.

scores 11-3-17

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1 Response to Results shoot 11-3-17

  1. Jim buckley says:

    Well done on being the first to shoot a diamond score on the WA state medal targets

    On a more serious matter the word is out that
    Four ombre s from the east are riding west to beat the best the west has to offer in the WA state LA titles
    And enter a team if we are allowed in the team club event
    And this year no entrents in the COCK UP CUP
    Thanks jim b

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