Results shoot 25-3-17

Three details! Amazing. Our club is getting stronger all of the time. Fantastic to see!! Great also how everyone shot the running boar during the shoot, without this we would be shooting till 7pm.

Some cracker scores today. My standout is Rob Crosby. Shooting a 50 at 100m backed up with a 48 at 50m.

Our juniors shot very well again and it is very pleasing to see these young guys settle in and are becoming smooth and accurate.

Petes score in rapid fire was very good! I shall poach a photo and put it up. Open sights, no fuss.

Thanks Ron for your scores and Kim for scoring today again, much appreciated.



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1 Response to Results shoot 25-3-17

  1. Steve hurley says:

    Richard Colmer 99.3 on the timed fire with Open sights not bad not bad !

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