Who are we?

Members of the SSAA Albany Lever Action Rifle Club in Western Australia have much to boast about. Not only do they have access to a lush and well-equipped shooting range, their hometown offers unrivalled views of some of the world’s most beautiful naturally protected waterways, which are enhanced by dolphins, seals and humpback and Southern Right whales. The town was also Western Australia’s first European settlement and was the place of assembly and departure for some 30,000 troops serving in the Great War and Gallipoli in 1914. Home to Australia’s first official dawn service, Albany has an intense connection with the Anzac legend.

The range is 18km west of Albany and just 1km from a beautiful swimming, fishing and surfing beach. The range is surrounded by coastal flora, both in and outside of its boundaries.

We shoot every 2 weeks with members shooting a wide range of lever action rifles from .22 calibre Winchester and Marlins, through to .30/30, .44 and 38/55’s up to the high end rifles like the Browning BLR’s with flutted S/S barrels and complex peep sights.

Unlike other shooting sports Lever Action Rifle shooting covers very different shooting styles. We start our day with 100m precision event, then to 50m precision. Once these are shot the real fun starts. Timed fire only has the target facing for 3 seconds with 7 seconds between exposures, shot for 10 rounds at 50m.

Rapid fire is next, 5 rounds in 15 seconds, shot twice at 50m. Then the running boar event that has a boar shaped target darting across a gap for 3.5 seconds at 50m.

The Albany Lever Action Rifle Club has multi National rifle champions in our memebership, including 3 Lever Action Hall of Fame inductee’s.

10 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Pete says:

    Great job with the web site David. Very profesional looking set up.
    Good luck to all attending the State champs in a fortnight, I’m sure you’ll all have a ball. Very disapointed that I cant make it.

  2. Thanks heaps Peter, just doing my bit for a great club.

    Cheers mate.

  3. Sam says:

    This is excellent bud, top job and a great shot of the range
    Well done Dave

  4. ankles says:

    WHO AM I ?

  5. John Cumming says:

    Great site guys/gals. This is a comment from Brainerd Minnesota, USA. Like you we have many in the US who love the old flat sided rifle, be it Browning, Winchester or Marlin. I don’t know what hunting is like down there, but we have special lever action hunts just to make our hunting experience more interesting including taking our favorite guns to Africa. Hope to meet so of your members if you are ever in the States. John

    • Hi John thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment! Hunting around here is a bit limited to small game like foxes, rabbits and kangaroo’s. But inland a bit there are goats pigs and things like wild camels and donkeys.

      A lot of our members go way over to Queensland to hunt hogs with their lever rifles. Its a long drive but well worth it!

      Cheers mate, stop by often!


  6. John Cumming says:

    It has been a while since I checked your site. Hope everything is going well with you’all. I have been on a couple Texas pig hunts and got a few for our game dinner. My cow elk hunt in Montana, not so good, but I love the country where lever guns were making history. In 1958 I spend the summer in Troy Montana where I was allowed to use a number of guns owned by the forest ranger I stayed with all summer. One of my favorites was a Winchester in 32-20 which I used to reduce the number of thirteen line ground squirrels some what. I hope your government has not gone completely nuts and banned all guns. Our president, Obama, is trying his best to do so here, Unfortunately for him gun sales has increased to record levels. Ammo for a while was hard to get, but stocks have returned to normal. I hand load so have not been effected much.

    Take care, John

  7. Andrew Kimmen says:

    I am from the United States, I came across your website searching for fellow lever gun fans. I would love to visit your great country and shoot at your range. Thank you for keeping the lever actions alive.

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