We shoot every 2 weeks and visitors are more than welcome. Bring along some ear muffs if you have them, some of the guys talk  a lot!……for the rifle fire really!

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  1. Daniel Glasson says:

    G’day Guys,

    Recently moved to Albany and just starting to get around to getting into a few things. 27 years old. Doing an apprenticeship at the moment and can’t afford to lose time with injury (football is out the window) and have turned to something a little more sedate. Been shooting a lot up at my partners farm on the bunnies/ foxes etc and have fallen in love with the sport. Spoke to Craig Lewis at sportspower and he suggested i get in contact with you guys. Don’y have guns myself (not licensed yet, in the process of getting this organised (long process) but want to get into it. Can you give me some pointers on what i need to do to get a crack at the club and get into this seriously.

    Cheers and look forward to catching up with you all.

    • Hi Daniel, cheers for stopping by mate. Yes Lever Action is a great shooting sport for sure! The best thing would to come out and have a look one shoot day. This Sunday we are shooting classic caliber, this event uses the classic style of lever rifle, open sights and centre fire cartridges. Brings it down even keel for every one.
      Members shoot all types of rifles from the classic style with open sights to 22’s with peep sights up to fully bombed Browning BLR 222’s fitted with match grade barrels and peep sights.
      The club has great members and it is a real social day with most guys getting out early for practice and sighting in.
      A great way to start would be with a 22. A Winchester or Marlin. I shoot a custom Marlin with a Bill Wellington stock, Anschutz peeps, as well as a Browning BLR that I am STILL waiting for the licence!
      I will send you an email with this in it and a bit more.

  2. Buenos dias Soy Sergio de Argentina, y hace aproximadamente un año compre un winchester 32 special nuevo, que ya tenia unos años pero nunca habia sido disparado. Realmente es una joya. Nunca me imagina las virtudes del rifle, el cual me ha resultado muy noble y supero mis espectativas para la caza deportiva.- Buscando para comprar balas ya que en mi pais no se consiguen, encontre su blog, y aproveche para mandarle desde lejos mis felicitaciones por la formacion del club. Lamento no escribir en ingles, pero el mio es muy malo por eso escribo en castellano y espero nos sumemos mas latinos al club. Muchos saludos Dr. Sergio Cerella.-

    • Here is the english translation. Muchos saludos Dr. Enjoy your 32, hope you find some bullets for it.

      Enter aBuenos days I am Sergio Argentina, and about a year ago bought a winchester 32 new special, already had a few years but never had been fired. It really is a gem. I never imagine the virtues of the rifle, which I was a very noble and exceeded my expectations for sport hunting-looking to buy bullets because in my country are not available, I found your blog, and take advantage of to send from afar my congratulations for the formation of the club. Sorry I did not write in English, but the mine is very bad that I write in Spanish and I hope we add more latinos to the club. Many greetings Dr. Sergio Cerellasentence

  3. Martijn McKenna says:

    My dearest friends,
    It was so good to see all your ugly faces right here in my donga in sweaty Bidyadanga.
    gives a whole new meaning to dreaming of a white christmas!
    Please continue to look after the best and most beautiful club in the world ( with the worst smells)
    I hope the level of conversation has deteriorated even more, and that many a cream pie is enjoyed by all..
    I have been corresponding with a 13 year old girl on the internet for a while and just recently she has informed me that she is an undercover cop.
    How good is that, at her age already?!!
    Please send my membership renewal to PO box 3131 in Broome Wa 6725.
    Best of both worlds really no smells, no Blaskows, no shots off, no rounds stuck in the barrel,
    no Anthonys, no patches, and no real fun
    Cant believe that i miss all you tossers sooooo much.
    I wish you all a merry christmass and a banging new year!
    Martijn McKenna.

  4. reg hazel says:

    Hi the name is a albany lad use to come out to the lever club and do a bit of shooting about ten year ago,but due to work and other comitments stopped coming out,thow i still have the same work isusses im not asbusy id like to try and get out there once a month. Would that be a problem and what would be the joining prosses.cheers hope to here from you soon reg

  5. Hi Reg, have sent you an email! Cheers.

  6. wags2477 says:

    Hi Dave, we met in Qld at the titles. Just wondering about a contact for Bill who makes the custom stocks…..

  7. Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by mate! Yes I will email you Bills phone number.



  8. Matt Johnstone-Summers says:

    I am looking for a camping area for the upcoming WW1 departure re enactment in November 2014 and I have been told by some locals that you have something suitable? I would interested to know more. Regards Matt J-S

  9. Greg says:

    Hello, I’m looking for information on building up a BLR for open class. I have a BLR 81 222 (1985 Make) and a BLR 22-250 (1979 Make) that I can use. Looking at some of the rifles that you use in the videos I have decided to do the same or similar. So what I’d like to know is Calibre choice, where to get the monto-carlo style stocks, barrel length and contour makers and make and models of aperture sights.
    Originally I was going to go with the 222, but found a 22-250 at a good price that needs a rebarrel.
    Appreciate any advice

    • Hi Greg, thanks for the contact! Yes we do shoot BLR’s mainly in .222. However there are a few guys in the East using .22/250. The biggest issue is tying to find a good used .222.
      We tend to support TSE, Total Solutions Engineering for barrels, and Tony has a very good understanding on what we do and makes barrels to suit.
      There is a local gunsmith that fits them for us, and he is also a custom stock maker. So those bits are easy!
      Sights there is no question. Anshultz Small Bore peeps, the only way to go!

  10. Rob says:

    Hi. looking to join up. Have an old .303 of my Dads that I would like to bring on out. How do I go about joining up?

  11. Tim Corby says:

    Hi Guys. Tim Corby from PLARC. Are you shooting over the Easter long weekend?

  12. Hi Tim, sorry mate no shoot, next one is on Sunday the 27th. You have alerted me the calendar is not on the blog!! Will fix!


  13. Stacey Grant says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m new to Albany and wanting to learn more about rifle shooting. I have only shot a few times before on targets. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    Kind regards,

  14. Allan Thomson says:

    My name is Allan Thomson from the Townsville SSAA club. I took a few photos of some of the shooters that came over for the state and national shoots that were held herein the last couple of months. There is one or two good ones there . That is our new range .

  15. karl says:

    Hi, I have a couple of new sights I would like to set up .Would it be ok to come out and use your range ? Happy to pay a visitors fee .I live on Denmark ,have a .22 and .243 . Ex military ,know range rules .
    Karl Bradbury

  16. Andrejs van Burgel says:

    I’m interested in starting some shooting as a hobby and was wondering how I can get started? I have been to another club with a friend a few times (they have since moved north) and thoroughly enjoyed the sport.


  17. Terry says:

    Good morning,

    I am a member of the Perth Lever Action Club and recently purchased a winchestet 1894 32-40, i am chasing Brass if anyone can help me out please?



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