Scores Shoot 26-8-17

Sorry guys, Ron nudged me forgot to put them up!

Anyway we shot the National centre program today, and I must say some cracking scores!!

There are 11 of us heading for Adelaide in a few weeks so all practice is good.

Thanks Ron for these!


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Next shoot’s

Hi everyone. As the exact date for the Nationals was not known when the calendar was done we have a slight error in the dates.  We show centre fire practice on the 30th of September. This is actually when the Nationals are on.

We can’t be doing a practice shoot then.

So this weekend we will shoot centre fire practice and next shoot  rim fire on the 9th of September. The next shoot after that is the 30th of September, a two week break.

So 26th August Centre fire practice

9th September Rim fire practice

30th September club shoot or Nationals if you are going.

Also we have to incorporate the postal shoot.

Hope that makes sense, would help if we had checked the dates!

Cheers guys, see you Saturday.




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Revolver scores 13-8-17

A band of enthusiastic wheel gun shooters took part in todays revolver shoot.

Always a fun time with scores creeping up and up.

Cheers Ron for getting this to me and Pete for organising the shoot again.



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Classic scores 13-8-17

I thought a great turnout for classic!

My pick for today is Jason Catchpole, shooting his way into 3rd spot! Well done Jason, and while your were looking after Rowdy. A fantastic result!

Here are the scores, we shot the National program, a good chance to get ready for the Nationals!

classic 13


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Results shoot 12-8-17

A very good turn out again at the shoot. Competition was hot and good score from a number of shooters emerged.

With the Nationals close things are getting serious!

Thanks Ron for getting these to me and Kim scoring all day.


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Classic scores

Sorry guys but late. Great shoot with a solid practice for the Nationals.

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Extraordinary Meeting Saturday 12-8-17

Hi guys I have called an Extraordinary Meeting for Saturday morning at 10am. I know this will clash with revolver but I need to inform you all and decided on major works that MUST commence in the next week or so.

Any of you that have been to shoots of late are aware of the behind the scenes work and time is here to make a final call. I have a motion to vote on.

All I can say here is that the Club is going to benefit well beyond our initial ideas.

Maybe revolver can be shot Sunday afternoon after classic caliber.





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