One of our members is looking for a Footrot Flats comic book number 26. Drop me a message if you have one.




10 Responses to Wanted

  1. Richard says:

    Hi. I am selling a Winchester 9422m in very good condition.
    Monica can contact me on 0488913007 if she is interested.

  2. Hi Richard, thanks for your message. Monica has found one, however there are a few more guys looking. Shall I put your name up at the range?


  3. Richard says:

    Hi David. Looks like I have a buyer. If it falls through, I may take you up on your kind offer.
    Regards, Richard

  4. Richard says:

    Hi, the Winchester has been sold.

  5. Peter and Lachy Butler says:

    hey guys
    myself and lachy are looking for a winchester 94 in 30-30 in fair to good condition

  6. Peter and Lachy Butler says:

    Hi, Lachy and i have found a 30/30 and look forward to having a go in classic calibre.
    See you at the range.

  7. Steve McCusker says:

    I have a wanted please.
    I am looking to buy from someone, a rear appeture? for my Anschutze peep sights. The one I have is a very small hole and I’m after a bigger hole or one I can drill out.
    Thank you if someone can help.

    Steve Mac

  8. bob martyr says:

    Hi I live in QLD and was wondering if I could advertise to sell some early Winchesters and bullet mould/pliers.

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